Many of the Ships that once carried the Pirates of the Golden age through hell and high water perished along with their crews, never to be seen again. 

Captain Mac is a descendant of one of the greatest and noblest Pirates to grace this time period. Captain Mac has unwillingly been thrown into the underworld where the souls of these pirates and the ships that carry them dwell in torment. Captain Mac is assigned with freeing these souls and restoring a piece of pirating history that has not received its proper exposure. We already anticipate the game having an ESRB rating due to content. 

Based on games released for the original NES game system, the music will also honor the composers of some of the best Nintendo music ever produced. Manami Matsumae and Takashi Tateishi of Mega Man 2, regarded by many to be some of the greatest music composed for a game on the NES system. All music for the game is being composed on Famitracker to provide an authentic NES sound.